Envirosystems Inc.

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Tracking complete asset data related to location, costs, and regulations

About the Company
Envirosystems Inc. is a leading industrial services company, serving customers throughout North America in both the U.S. and Canada. They provide industrial services, environmental services, robot services, and project management services to a broad range of clients in the oil and gas, chemical, and other industries, as well as governmental institutions. Their operational excellence has turned them into the fastest-growing industrial services company in North America.

The Challenge
Envirosystems is responsible for cleaning hazardous wastes and chemicals, making it critical that they perform their work as efficiently and safely as possible. They are regularly audited, and must comply with a wide range of government regulations and customer needs, requiring them to track full work history on all of their assets in an easy-to-report format.

Their hundreds of assets, including a fleet of 840 vehicles, are spread out across mulitple job sites and their own maintenance facilities, making it a challenge to keep track of where everything is, while also ensuring that all relevant inspections and renewals are up to date. They must also keep an eye on costs and find ways to work more efficiently.

ManagerPlus Enterprise provides the complete tool set Envirosystems needs to track critical data for all of their diverse assets across all of their sites.

+Improved Asset Tracking and Record Keeping
Envirosystems is able to work more efficiently than ever before because ManagerPlus handles all of their data tracking and administrative work. Now, everything they need is always ready at hand.

Paul Beauchamp, Envirosystems Regional Maintenance Manager for Atlantic Canada, has even coined his own phrase to describe how ManagerPlus makes his job easier:

“Collect data once, use it many times.”
—Paul Beauchamp

Whether it’s scheduled maintenance, warranties, work history, asset location, insurance information, cost data, or even PPE equipment, Beauchamp uses ManagerPlus daily to get the information he needs and keep his operations running smoothly.

With upwards of 80 trucks at any location at any given time, Beauchamp says there is no way they were going to be able to stay on top of all their maintenance and track the location of their assets without a system like ManagerPlus.

“For us, the main purpose of ManagerPlus is about being able to determine what we own and where it is. We need to be able to pull work history on trucks and say, ‘this truck was used for this many hours and it cost us this.’”
—Paul Beauchamp

+ Reduced Costs
Since implementing ManagerPlus, Beauchamp says he has seen his tow truck bills drop to almost nothing because they are able to stay on top of preventive maintenance.

ManagerPlus also helps him determine how productive his workers are. Within his first year of using ManagerPlus, Beauchamp has already substantially reduced the amount of costly unplanned maintenance Envirosystems performs, and is close to reaching his goal of 70% planned versus 30% unplanned maintenance.

And with the cost data ManagerPlus lets him track on labor, Beauchamp can easily compare labor rates across his sites, and determine whether outside vendors are over-charging for basic services.

The result is greater control over his maintenance operations, and improved efficiency across the board.

+ Improved Organization and Data Access
ManagerPlus lets Beauchamp look up assets using any identifying information available, making it easy to find what he needs for any vehicle in his fleet of 840 units. He can search by serial number, make, model, or even notes that someone has entered. This comes in handy when he receives a parking ticket for a vehicle, enabling him to determine within seconds whose vehicle it is.

When he needs to look up information for their insurance provider, he can pull complete lists of any of his assets, grouped type, make, model, location, etc.

The system also enables him to ensure that he’s sending the right vehicle to the right job, as well as which vehicles need DOT inspections, and which don’t. In some cases, Envirosystems must track how many miles a given vehicle traveled in one province and how many in another.

Beauchamp says this level of organization made possible by ManagerPlus has been impressive to all of the regulators and clients who work with Envirosystems.

“My primary objectives are to ensure that we are safe, reliable, and clean in the work we do. ManagerPlus helps me achieve these objectives.”
—Paul Beauchamp

+ Adoption Across Sites and Ease of Use
According to Beauchamp the company had tried other solutions before implementing ManagerPlus, but hadn’t achieved the results they were after. With ManagerPlus, they are able to get people at each of their sites up and running in the sytem in less than an hour, which he says is a huge boost to their productivity and efficiency.

“I would rate [ManagerPlus] high on the intuitive scale—it just makes sense. I’ve worked with probably six different maintenance programs and I find ManagerPlus the easiest.”
—Paul Beauchamp

+ Conclusion
Envirosystem’s work requires a high level of organization and precision. ManagerPlus helps them keep track of all of their equipment, ensure that maintenance is being performed on time, and record all of their work history for easy reporting and regulatory compliance. It’s helped a great company become even better.

“Since we implemented it, we’ve just thought, ‘wow, this program will just rock, it’s amazing.’”
—Paul Beauchamp
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