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Easily create invoices from within ManagerPlus

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Create invoices directly from within ManagerPlus based on your work orders.

How it Works

The Invoicing Module allows you to create estimates, invoices, and returns from within ManagerPlus. Include parts, services or other cost items in the invoices you create. And, you'll be able to create invoices directly from completed work orders helping to ensure you're paid for your work! The module has the flexibility to set standard service rates and part price point markups or override them for specific customers. This module will pay for itself in improved billing.


Invoicing Screenshots

create invoices

Create invoices from work requests.

invoice settings

Customize your invoicing settings.

invoice list

List all current invoices.

invoice list

Create estimates and invoices.

invoice list

Process returns.

invoice list

Create invoices from service items.

invoice list

Price point management.

invoice list

Enter service descriptions.

invoice screen
invoice settings
invoice list
invoice detail
invoicing tab
service items
price point management
service items change

Invoicing Benefits:


The Invoicing is Available for:

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