ManagerPlus Modules allow you to extend the features of your ManagerPlus Product.

Meter Tracking

Automatically pull data into ManagerPlus from 3rd party applications.

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This powerful tool provides you with the ability to drill down and analyze your business operations through the data captured in ManagerPlus - quickly and easily.

How it Works

This module allows for third party integration imports such as mileage tracking, worker hours, fuel levels, tire pressure, oil gauge, temperature reading, etc., to reduce and/or eliminate manual entry.

The meter tracking module imports data from the most popular 3rd party meters, like Gas Boy, PetroVend, GPS Systems, etc.

Did you catch that last point? The great thing about the Meter Tracking Module, is that you can automatically import data from any 3rd party application that can export data. That means you could use this to pull from your accounting system, your CRM, or any other data source.


Meter Tracking Benefits:


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Our optional add-on modules offer new ways to integrate 3rd party systems, monitor and manage your assets, and integrate with your broader workforce. These additions also allow you to review and report on the data throughout your organization, so you can keep a close eye on every aspect of the business.

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