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Get automated maintenance alerts by text or email.

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This module is an email notification solution where a user can subscribe to an auto-generated email alert for notifications regarding changes to assets and work orders.

How it Works

The Notify Module helps keep your users up-to-date with personally subscribed notifications. Be alerted to new schedules coming due, new work requests, changes to a work ticket, etc., to keep your company informed and allow for quick turnaround on high priority items.

In our Desktop product Notify can also pro-actively alert you to an asset's status based on rules you define. No longer do you have to log in and run a report — you can set up Notify to monitor a status, and trigger alerts based on the asset's condition. You can even tie alerts to KPIs or business conditions.


Notify Screenshots

Screen Name

Select your assets from the assets tab.

Asset Views

Choose from many existing notification templates.

Asset Views

Create a simple notification.

Asset Views

Access your notifications.

intuitive interface
asset view
asset details
asset details

Notify Benefits:


Works well with:

Work Requests - Allow your employees to submit work requests.


The Notify is Available for:

  • view_a_demo
  • request_a_quote
  • video introduction
  • contact_us

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Our optional add-on modules offer new ways to integrate 3rd party systems, monitor and manage your assets, and integrate with your broader workforce. These additions also allow you to review and report on the data throughout your organization, so you can keep a close eye on every aspect of the business.

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