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Manufacturing Management & Plant Maintenance Software

ManagerPlus maintenance programs will help you keep all the moving parts involved in manufacturing—moving. Forklifts to fabrication to finished goods. Conveyors, chemicals, crates, and chains. ManagerPlus manufacturing management software helps you manage your business operations and improve efficiencies.

Manufacturing and plant maintenance personnel use ManagerPlus to easily and effectively manage preventive maintenance schedules for all plant equipment. Quick to learn, ManagerPlus ensures that the maintenance system you pay for will actually get used and therefore, will drive equipment reliability throughout your operation.

Detect early signs of equipment and machine fatigue, save on costly repairs and extend your asset lifecycle for an optimal plant operation.

Spot problems while they're still small
In addition, ManagerPlus provides detailed analysis on repair histories and downtime to help you spot potential problems before they become serious headaches. You can monitor maintenance by hours, days, calendar dates, days of the week, months or even years.

Track sub-systems & parts with ease
ManagerPlus maintenance management software will also track all of the sub-systems of your manufacturing equipment with ease. Monitor hydraulics, belts, seals, gaskets, or any other sub-system and schedule, track and maintain a history of routine maintenance for each.


Here are a few examples of commonly tracked manufacture works related items:


Key Functionality

These are a few of the ManagerPlus capabilities particularly useful in this industry. For a complete feature list, check our product feature overview chart.


  • configurable asset categories : define your company‚Äôs assets by category
  • predictive and preventive maintenance scheduling
  • meter tracking by types : e.g. hours, cycles, miles, fuel, or any customizable meter type
  • part linking : link parts to assets
  • warranty tracking and asset components : track installation dates, warranties of installed inventory items, and view warranty reminders alerts

Work Orders

  • configurable work types : e.g. preventive, emergency, inspections, etc.
  • mass record modification work orders : update multiple work orders in a single step
  • customizeable work order processes : configure workflows to match business processes
  • service items : create predefined and custom task list(s


  • costing methods : LIFO, FIFO, rolling average or last cost
  • multiple and preferred vendors
  • warranty tracking


  • enhanced reporting : additional reports by edition


  • customized to your industry
  • role-based security
  • budget and expense tracking


  • vendor tracking : full profile information: name, email, phone #, etc.

Optional Modules

  • Asset Tracking : check in/out + assign assets to an individual and location
  • Notify : be alerted to new schedules coming due, new work requests, changes to a work ticket, etc.
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