mining equipment maintenance management

Mining & Natural Resources Maintenance

Is there any industry where equipment assets are more important than mining and natural resources? ManagerPlus helps ensure your operation runs smoothly.

Uptime is mission-critical in mining and natural resources. Proactively manage and maintain your production equipment so you can keep producing. Avoid the burden of broken equipment while handling overburden. Keep drills drilling. Crushers crushing. Pumps pumping. From exploration through refinery, ManagerPlus shakes out as a best-in-class asset + maintenance management solution to support your operation.

Introductory Video

How ManagerPlus Works

Watch this short video introduction for an overview of how ManagerPlus helps you manage your equipment and maintenance.
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Detect early signs of equipment and vehicle fatigue. ManagerPlus monitors performance based on fuel and/or oil consumption. Fuel per mile/hour and oil per mile/hour reports help you spot potential problems before they become serious headaches.

Monitor maintenance by odometer, hours, days, calendar dates, days of the week, tire depth, or fuel/oil consumption. Plus, the Tool Tracker feature notifies you which employees have what tools assigned to them.

Track all the sub-systems of your heavy equipment with ease. Monitor pumps, blades, compressors, tires, engines, hydraulics or any other sub-system and schedule, track and maintain a history of routine maintenance for each.


Here are a few examples of commonly tracked mining and natural resources related items:


Key Functionality

These are a few of the ManagerPlus capabilities particularly useful in this industry. For a complete feature list, check our product feature overview chart.


  • customizable asset lists : configure the way you view your assets/equipment
  • configurable asset categories : define your company‚Äôs assets by category
  • meter tracking by types : e.g. hours, cycles, miles, fuel, or any customizable meter type

Work Orders

  • work requests : submit, track and approve work requests, see optional modules
  • work order/purchase orders integration : associate work orders with purchase orders


  • inventory forecasting

Purchase Orders

  • internal PO numbers
  • purchase order and work order integration


  • customized to your industry
  • role-based security


  • employee certifications

Optional Modules

  • Work Requests : create + submit work requests
  • Meter Tracking : pull meters such as miles, hours, fuel, etc. from 3rd-party applications
  • Notify : be alerted to new schedules coming due, new work requests, changes to a work ticket, etc.
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