property management software

Property Management Software

ManagerPlus property management software will transform the way you manage — improving operational efficiencies, reducing costs, and shifting resources away from paper-based systems.

Track one location to unlimited locations all in one system. Incoming repair orders. Outgoing work requests. Scheduled maintenance with calendars + alerts. Surprises, handled more handily.

Property Managers use ManagerPlus to better perform preventative maintenance tasks and more efficiently dispatch work orders. It is ideal for those tracking a myriad of systems and equipment, such as: HVAC, lighting, security, fire detection and suppression systems, elevators, and more.

Manage Property Properly. All the ins-and-outs of Property Management from light bulbs to elevators, radiators, inspections and more. It's all about improving your bottom line, managing your time and business more easily and effectively.

Our customers include manufacturing plants, hotels, hospitals, universities, municipalities, and more. ManagerPlus empowers Property Managers with comprehensive data on all of their assets and processes.


ManagerPlus allows you to better perform preventative maintenance tasks.


Key Functionality

These are a few of the ManagerPlus capabilities particularly useful in this industry. For a complete feature list, check our product feature overview chart.


  • asset details : one screen view of full profile, including costs, make, module, child assets, etc.
  • customizable asset lists : configure the way you view your assets/equipment
  • asset photos : attach photos to each asset
  • document attachments : all file types supported
  • predictive and preventive maintenance scheduling
  • warranty tracking and asset components : track installation dates, warranties of installed inventory items, and view warranty reminders alerts

Work Orders

  • work requests : submit, track and approve work requests, see optional modules
  • inspections module : for quick and easy routine inspections that can trigger work orders based off failures
  • service items : create predefined and custom task list(s
  • mobile app (M+ Mobile) : access your work orders and/or inspection via a mobile device, tablets, handhelds, see optional modules


  • stocking levels : set inventory levels to determine reorders
  • consumable inventory : gloves, cleaning supplies, safety supplies, etc.
  • inventory forecasting
  • multiple inventory locations : e.g. sites, warehouses, bins, etc.

Purchase Orders

  • system generated PO numbers
  • internal PO numbers
  • purchase order and work order integration


  • print or export to Excel, PDF, CSV and Word
  • extensive report filtering options


  • role-based security
  • budget and expense tracking


  • employee tracking : full profile information: name, email, phone #, etc.
  • vendor tracking : full profile information: name, email, phone #, etc.
  • invoicing/customer tracking : full profile information: name, email, phone #, etc.
  • vendor credit memos
  • view_a_demo
  • request_a_quote
  • video introduction
  • contact_us