maintenance management for public works

Maintenance Management for Public Works

We understand that whether you are a public utility, local, state or federal government entity or a private contracting firm—you must do more with less.

ManagerPlus helps hundreds of city government and public works department and facilities managers meet that demand and maximize assets. Waste management and water treatment. Bridges and buildings. Streets and storm sewers. Forestry, parks, cemeteries, and grounds. ManagerPlus helps you keep the equipment, tools, and supplies needed to conduct Public Works—working.

Detect early signs of equipment and vehicle fatigue. ManagerPlus monitors performance based on fuel and/or oil consumption. Fuel per mile/hour and oil per mile/hour reports help you spot potential problems before they become serious headaches.

ManagerPlus will help you track assets and a variety of departments all in one solution. ManagerPlus can be configured by department or asset for easy reconciliation and tracking.

Poorly maintained assets result in poor quality service and products and dramatically increases maintenance costs. ManagerPlus gives you the ability to control your maintenance costs and ensures that you are performing the right maintenance at the right time.


Here are a few examples of commonly tracked government and public works related items:


Key Functionality

These are a few of the ManagerPlus capabilities particularly useful in this industry. For a complete feature list, check our product feature overview chart.


  • document attachments : all file types supported
  • predictive and preventive maintenance scheduling
  • meter tracking by types : e.g. hours, cycles, miles, fuel, or any customizable meter type
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