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At ManagerPlus we pride ourselves in offering excellent support with a knowledgeable staff that's more than happy to help and resolve any issues you may have. We offer toll-free support with minimal hold times and the ability to submit support issues and requests via email. We'll take care of you

We back up our solutions with a service pledge—something you won't find anywhere else.


Quick Turnaround.

When you have a need, a challenge, a question, or an emergency—we jump on it.

Without sacrifice to quality or accuracy. No waiting around for a reply or solution. Real people are here to help. Our entire staff is trained and empowered to help you—swiftly.


Personal Service.

When we work together, you'll have a professional, skilled person to work with, call, email, and talk to. Directly. No outsourced "customer service" department. No reintroducing yourself to a rep in an obscure call center. Those impersonal ways of doing business take your time and business for granted. Ours is a service business. We are your partners.



You can have it all. Or not. You will never pay for a service you don't want, or don't need. Mix, match, and choose the combination of products and services that YOU need. And, no matter which services you select, Customer Service is always a part of what you'll receive. Large companies and small businesses alike—you'll receive our best. And our standard for best is radically better.


Straightforward Implementation.

Many businesses have experienced a software or technology provider change or setup that was less than smooth, to say the least. We're thankful for your business and will make it nice to work together from the very get go. We have an Implementation and Training Team expressly trained and devoted to implementation.

We put the Welcome Mat out for you, and we keep it out so this is the last switch you'll ever make.


Expert Training.

We have a 'teach a person to fish' philosophy. If you have a thirst for knowledge, we'll satisfy it. We want you to be proficient in getting the information you need, when you need it. We offer expert training online, so you can learn wherever you are. (We can even come to you.)

Sharing knowledge amongst our staff and with our customers is our school of thought.


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